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Jay White, Just Do It

Xtreme Couture’s Jay White went Hollywood last weekend. Jay will be appearing alongside Quinton “Rampage” Jackson in an upcoming Nike commercial. The details of the commercial titled “Human Chain” are unknown to us at this time. But we’re told it will feature MMA training and/or fighting. So look for Jay as you’re channel surfing, and…


Behind the Scenes of a NIKE Commercial

I traveled to Valencia CA to visit the set of the NIKE commercial filmed on Sunday March 9th featuring THROWDOWN Army members Rampage Jackson & Jay White. The commercial is entitled “Human Chain” and I cannot disclose any details about the commercial other than that along with Rampage and Jay, the commercial will also feature…


Rampage, Jay White & NIKE

NIKE must have noticed the special chemistry between THROWDOWN athletes Rampage Jackson and Jay White from a recent photoshoot because they have both have been cast in an upcoming NIKE commercial. An ADCC & MMA vet, Jay has recently joined the Throwdown team and is a coach and MMA fighter out of Xtreme Couture. Randy…